6 brothers do not know what a better world looks like

6 children grow up in a room of a few square feet. The only one who cares about them is their mother, but who does not have the material possibilities to grow them, and yet struggles every day.

Sometimes people find time to help them. They are beautiful children who enjoy every time they get sweets or toys.
The “O lume mai buna” Foundation took over this case and provided the family with absolutely essential items in the household: a washing machine, a refrigerator, a laptop for the children, household items and food.

The Foundation gives the children 600 lei for one year. This is an amount that helps them not to give up their desire to go to school. Large-hearted people joined our foundation’s initiative and together we managed to collect clothing for the little ones. The 6 brothers need our continuous support. If you want to contribute to supporting these children, with clothes, food or donations, please write to us at office@olumemaibuna.ro

An amazing little boy asks for support for a normal life

We were glad to be with a family who needed financial help to support the long-term treatment that would give a chance to a normal life to their boy, born in 2014 and diagnosed with bilateral periventricular leucomalacia.

The boy has undergone numerous therapies: at the age of 2 months, he started vojta therapy, from the age of seven, the parents combined vojta, bobath, and water therapy. In December 2015, the boy entered the NACD program and continued with this program, craniosacral therapy, and water therapy.

The therapy involves a sustained financial effort from the part of the family. The evaluation fee in the NACD program was $ 950 and every month the parents pay $ 260 to stay in this program that gives the little boy daily online support and a custom kineto program on his needs.

Now, at 1 year and 9 months, the little boy crawls very well and began to stand up on his feet, but not in a proper position to allow him to move forward.

For proper treatment and results, the boy needs Feldenkrais therapy with a foreign therapist and is done in 5 or 10 session shifts every 3 months. The cost of such a meeting is 70 euros, plus the road and accommodation of therapists who are brought to the country (about 1,000 euros for 10 sessions).

Parents tried to provide him, as far as possible, with all the medical care the boy needs, but the costs of therapies are high and outweigh the material possibilities of the family.

We are pleased with his evolution so far, from a child who smiled and started watching us very late, which did not pass the hearing tests for months, became a child creeping up to the toys he likes and tells us a few words (water, bath, pope) and, above all, smiles from morning till night. We know that may be more, we know that if we work a lot, we have all the chances of a life considered normal by society and we will do our best to be so. “These are the words of the boy’s mother.

A truly magical world for the children from Magic Camp

A child’s life must be full of color and magic. A child has to taste the world, feel it, try it because the world is a friendly place that gives him the opportunity, the opportunity to grow, to manifest himself. What happens when a child does not live thinking about colors, games, and happiness, but about the fact that he does not have anything to eat or to wear. Suddenly the world is no longer a friendly place, but instead, it turns into a struggle. It is an unfair reality that affects many children in Romania. One out of ten children go to bed hungry, and even more are deprived of the right to education.

We do not want to turn children into statistics, but we want to help improve their situation. Children do not have to fight the shortcomings, they have to discover the world. That’s why the “O lume mai buna” Foundation has provided new footwear to the children of the Magic Camp Foundation.

Magic Camp is a founding partner in the projects that we are developing, and we, in turn, support the activities developed and promoted by our colleague Melania Medeleanu. Together we manage to take the burden of the struggle with the shortcomings and let the children develop harmoniously.

If you want to support us with clothes, food or any other kind of donation, please write us an e-mail: office@olumemaibuna.ro

Any kind of contribution is important for these children.

”O lume mai bună” Foundation supported the children of Negrenii de Sus

At first sight, it is a village like any other in Romania, a village in the south of the country with working people, without opportunities, but with common sense. Here, the community is supported by the village priest, Father Bogdan Cristian Danu, for whom each day must end with a good deed and must begin with a lot of light in the soul.

We also met Father Danu, who supported local social projects for villagers for years now. He is not only a spiritual mentor, but also a motor of the community around which gather the dozens of children he protects. There are children living in poverty and for whom wealth means a meal with a few goodies. These are the children who have had the chance to meet Father Danu.

”O lume mai bună” Foundation chose to join Father Danu and contribute to improving the living conditions of these people.

We have collected food, household items, and personal hygiene objects, clothing and shoes to give a bit of joy to those living in the Negrenii de Sus village. There are dozens of children who have enjoyed a healthy meal and were encouraged not to give up on school so that in the future they can be the ones who will contribute to the development of their community. We gathered hundreds of boxes of food and objects with the help of our supporters.

“Negrenii de Sus” has remained a soul project for us because the real challenge in such a community is made with perseverance, periodical material support to help the community develop in civilized conditions. We continue to support Father Danu in raising children and help them have the right to education and decent living conditions.

We had 2 major actions in Negrenii de Sus, and every time we managed to put a smile on the faces of the locals who received our contributions with dignity.

”O lume mai buna” Foundation continues to contribute to supporting this community. If you want to join our actions by donating clothes, food or make another kind of donation, please write to us at office@olumemaibuna.ro. We are convinced that together we will be able to make a difference in the life of the children in Negrenii de Sus.

In Romania, 3 out of 10 children will be affected by poverty

Source: Libertatea

Poverty is the deprivation of basic human conditions such as healthy eating, access to clean water, health services and shelter are inaccessible to a particular population because of the difficulty of allowing them. And by the end of 2009, according to World Bank estimates, 351,000 children aged between 0 and 14 will be affected by poverty. Another problem at national level is the dropout rate, which increased 3 times for primary and secondary education in 2000-2007. More than 70,000 children are now forced to work to survive instead of going to school, and of those 1,200 live and work on the streets in Bucharest.

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The Drama of Education in Romania: The number of students dropped by 30% in 25 years and the level of their training is getting worse

Source: Ziarul Financiar

“The school population (excluding higher education) decreased by 1.4 million pupils from 1990/1991 to 2013/2014, which represents almost 30% of the school population in 1990/1991. The main factors that have led to this reduction are the drop in birth rates, emigration and school dropout, “shows a report by the Court of Auditors analyzing the situation of Romanian education in terms of Romania’s commitment to the Europe 2020 strategy.

And the report concludes: the distance is enormous and there does not seem to be any chance that the proposed targets will be achieved, on the contrary.

The educational coverage of the population aged 7-10 years and 11-14 years – shows the quoted document – registered a descending evolution, so that in the school year 2013/2014 it was not included in a form of education 7.2 % of the 7-10 year old population and 8.5% of the 11-14 year old population. In 2014, 18% of the population aged 18-24 had undergraduate studies and no training.

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First statistic of people with Down syndrome

Source: DownInfoPlus

There are 4420 people with Down syndrome in Romania. Of these, 2611 are children and 1809 adults.

The county with the most people with Down’s syndrome is 278 in the city of Iaşi, and the lowest in Salaj is 34.


Level of schooling: The county with most children with Down syndrome in pre-school education is Buzau with 26 children, Mayor Mures with 23 children, Hunedoara gymnasium with 21 children, and Vaslui with 59 children.

Out of the 2,611 children with Down syndrome, only 41% are undergoing a form of education, with the rest being unskilled.

Recovery services: The county with the most Down syndrome patients receiving recovery services within DGASPC is Timiş with 66 children and Iaşi County holds the record with the most children with Down syndrome, 50 benefiting from services recovery in NGOs.

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Alarming statistics: One third of Romania’s population is at risk of poverty and social exclusion

Source: Mediafax

Over 38% of Romania’s population is at risk of poverty and social exclusion, 15.3% above the European average – 23.5%, according to data released on Tuesday in a Eurostat analysis.

According to the European Commission’s Statistics Office, 38.8% of the country’s population in Romania is at risk of poverty and social exclusion, before Bulgaria, where 40.4% of citizens are exposed to poverty.

Compared to 2010, when 41.1% of Romanians were at risk of poverty and social exclusion, in 2016 their share fell by 2.7%.

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Mia’s Children Association

Mia’s Children is a non-profit, licensed and accredited organization in Romania, based on a Dream: The dream of saving children and young people from Bucharest and neighboring areas with limited resources, who are neglected, abandoned or abused. The dream of offering them a loving and encouraging environment. The dream of seeing them become happy and healthy members of Romanian society from a physical, emotional and spiritual point of view.

The purpose of the association is to help children and young people grow and live better lives away from poverty, abuse, prostitution, school dropout, drugs.

At Mia’s Children, children have education, counseling, art classes, singing, literary writing, theater, sports, and more. At Mia’s Children efforts are being made to maintain a living relationship between the children and their families.

Casa Plină Association

We are confident in the power of God, the merciful and loving people and in the help of the Mother of God, and we are committed to bringing this project to completion, building the social center to the end. This social center will be made up of the church, the bell tower and three new buildings. Through this activity, we are closer to the souls of people, having the opportunity to bring them closer to the Holy Church and to support them in their homes. We aim to get them out of loneliness and offer them more socially.

Touched Romania Association

Together with a team of Romanian professionals, we started working in abandoned children’s centers and other governmental institutions of this type.

Since 2005, our activities have materialized in the Casa Agar project, a residential home for women in critical situations. Besides the impetuous need to set up such a center, studies have confirmed that in Romania there are 6 times fewer homes compared to the European Standard (WAVE Country Report 2010).

Before our doors could be opened to those in difficulty, we helped through counseling services and professional development opportunities over 200 women and children, with the support of our local community and our friends from other countries.

Touched Romania is a non-profit association, registered in Romania, offering material and holistic support to those who help them.

Our care for marginalized women and their children is made possible through the generosity of our partners. We are not subsidized by the Government of Romania.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the activity we are doing!
We hope to develop together beneficial and future collaborations!


Palliative Care Center “Saint Nectarie”

Palliative Care Center “Saint Nectarie” of the Bucharest Archiepiscopate has been operating since 2006. Last year, however, it operates at the new address of Iancu Capitan Street no. 24, sector 2, with access from the General Dimitrie Salmen street no. 14. Patients admitted here are offered the atmosphere of a home, housed in a spacious, bright building and equipped with everything needed, without forgetting the beautifully landscaped gardens on the alleys of which, on warm days, the sick go out to the promenade. This settlement is among the few places in the country where the  person is returned to its dignity because he is treated with respect and, more than that, with love.

Behind the high porch of laced iron, Saint Nectarios himself waits. Shaped in a carefully crafted mosaic, he gently blesses anyone who comes to the hospital he has protected. On the ground floor of the building, we meet two blue eyes, “framed” in black circles of glasses, under which a smudged face appears in the semi-circle. It is the face of Mr. Gheorghe Cacoveanu, social assistant, a bright presence. We reserve a few moments of silence to discover, in turn, the icon of Saint Nectarios, the image of his monastery in Eghina and a lamp. We carefully scrutinize the entire space and are impressed by the masonry and furniture design. We are visiting the whole building. Starting from the ground floor, we reach the two floors and, finally, the attic. Everything seems like the atmosphere of a home, the attention to every detail and a beneficial energy which sources out of love. This explains that there is a daily bondage between the souls of those afflicted with illness and those of the benefactors, which is more than solidarity, communion, according to the model of Saints Nectarius and Pantelimon, the protector of the church just behind the center.