“A Better World” is not just a desideratum, a hope or a dream. It is a story that has come to fruition for more than a decade ago, and when we say it has become reality, we are talking about something real: the joint and unified forces of those who wanted to bring good in society .

It all started from a sad reality, namely that happiness seems to know only certain times of the year, Easter and Christmas. However, the needs of disadvantaged categories do not know time limits and do not develop only at certain times. These needs are permanent, and do not diminish with the passing of time if they are ignored. A person in need will suffer as much, regardless of feast or season.

That’s why we unified our forces (bank employees, life insurance consultants) to make a better world. It is a huge responsibility and we often struggle with the question “How?” “How do you make a better world?”. Simple. By engaging and respecting our future.

Once we learn to respect our future, we respect our community and lay the foundation for a sustainable project. Respect has come to our attention by investing in activities and projects so that every child, teenager, young professional or elderly can reach its human potential regardless of social status, race, gender or any other segregating element.

Through the “Better World” project, we do not only develop our own initiatives, but support initiatives from other associations or individuals that aim to develop a friendly, fair and rich climate for those who need it.

All those who want to join us are welcome! Contact us and let us make the world better!