Our goal is to develop an effective climate in a society where the social system is characterized by fairness and the promotion of the citizen’s interests above all, no matter the age. We support children and elderly alike.

Our goals are organized in a conglomerate of areas where we want to make a significant contribution:

A fair and efficient social system makes a healthy society

  • We build where the social system is deficient. We improve the lives of children with disabilities through our projects, prevent the abandonment of children and support the elderly.
    Equality and equity in society are the most important in order to move towards a sustainable and healthy future. We condemn and combat all forms of social injustice that harm any member of society.

Social Strategy for Sustainable Development

  • We want our projects to leave their mark on society. We are not only pursuing the temporary problem solving, but also developing strategic projects to combat school drop-out, the youth-friendly youth orientation, and the development of the education system. The impact of any action needs to be considered in the long term. That is why we treat with great care, interest, and devotion everything we do.

Modern and efficient health and education system

  • We support the development of an efficient educational, social and health care system that fully meets people’s needs. That is why we have developed projects to support all social categories.