Mia’s Children Association

Mia’s Children is a non-profit, licensed and accredited organization in Romania, based on a Dream: The dream of saving children and young people from Bucharest and neighboring areas with limited resources, who are neglected, abandoned or abused. The dream of offering them a loving and encouraging environment. The dream of seeing them become happy and healthy members of Romanian society from a physical, emotional and spiritual point of view.

The purpose of the association is to help children and young people grow and live better lives away from poverty, abuse, prostitution, school dropout, drugs.

At Mia’s Children, children have education, counseling, art classes, singing, literary writing, theater, sports, and more. At Mia’s Children efforts are being made to maintain a living relationship between the children and their families.

Casa Plină Association

We are confident in the power of God, the merciful and loving people and in the help of the Mother of God, and we are committed to bringing this project to completion, building the social center to the end. This social center will be made up of the church, the bell tower and three new buildings. Through this activity, we are closer to the souls of people, having the opportunity to bring them closer to the Holy Church and to support them in their homes. We aim to get them out of loneliness and offer them more socially.

Touched Romania Association

Together with a team of Romanian professionals, we started working in abandoned children’s centers and other governmental institutions of this type.

Since 2005, our activities have materialized in the Casa Agar project, a residential home for women in critical situations. Besides the impetuous need to set up such a center, studies have confirmed that in Romania there are 6 times fewer homes compared to the European Standard (WAVE Country Report 2010).

Before our doors could be opened to those in difficulty, we helped through counseling services and professional development opportunities over 200 women and children, with the support of our local community and our friends from other countries.

Touched Romania is a non-profit association, registered in Romania, offering material and holistic support to those who help them.

Our care for marginalized women and their children is made possible through the generosity of our partners. We are not subsidized by the Government of Romania.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the activity we are doing!
We hope to develop together beneficial and future collaborations!


Palliative Care Center “Saint Nectarie”

Palliative Care Center “Saint Nectarie” of the Bucharest Archiepiscopate has been operating since 2006. Last year, however, it operates at the new address of Iancu Capitan Street no. 24, sector 2, with access from the General Dimitrie Salmen street no. 14. Patients admitted here are offered the atmosphere of a home, housed in a spacious, bright building and equipped with everything needed, without forgetting the beautifully landscaped gardens on the alleys of which, on warm days, the sick go out to the promenade. This settlement is among the few places in the country where the  person is returned to its dignity because he is treated with respect and, more than that, with love.

Behind the high porch of laced iron, Saint Nectarios himself waits. Shaped in a carefully crafted mosaic, he gently blesses anyone who comes to the hospital he has protected. On the ground floor of the building, we meet two blue eyes, “framed” in black circles of glasses, under which a smudged face appears in the semi-circle. It is the face of Mr. Gheorghe Cacoveanu, social assistant, a bright presence. We reserve a few moments of silence to discover, in turn, the icon of Saint Nectarios, the image of his monastery in Eghina and a lamp. We carefully scrutinize the entire space and are impressed by the masonry and furniture design. We are visiting the whole building. Starting from the ground floor, we reach the two floors and, finally, the attic. Everything seems like the atmosphere of a home, the attention to every detail and a beneficial energy which sources out of love. This explains that there is a daily bondage between the souls of those afflicted with illness and those of the benefactors, which is more than solidarity, communion, according to the model of Saints Nectarius and Pantelimon, the protector of the church just behind the center.

Institute for Mother and Child’s Protection

The Institute for Mother and Child Protection “Prof. Dr. Al Rusescu” (IMCP) was established over half a century ago with the mission to provide medical and specialized care to women and children. IMCP also has a role in methodological guidance, scientific research and education, in line with rules and requirements of prophylaxis and curative medicine.

IMCP currently bears the name of one of the greatest Romanian pediatric physicians, Prof.dr. Al. Rusescu, and is structured on several units with complementary roles and functions:

–  “Polizu” Maternity;

–  Pediatric Hospital (former “Emilia Irza” Hospital);

–  External units: center for genital and breast cancer diagnosis, center for recovery of children with neural, psychological and physical disabilities, research and methodology think-tanks.

The IMCP staff is made of around 750 people, of which 150-160 are highly qualified professionals: university teaching staff (professors, lecturers, university assistants), general practitioners, many with double specialty, biologists, biochemists, speech therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists etc.

The services provided by IMCP target intervention areas such as:

–  Day and night medical care in hospitals and ambulatory units;

–  Superior medical education (obstetrics, gynecology, neonatology and pediatrics), postgraduate training and qualification, training for undergraduate staff.

–  Scientific research (in the field of mother and child health) which is a primary objective for IMCP;

–  Is the technical and methodological structure of the Ministry of Health in the two areas (mother and child health);

–  Education for health (health promotion);

–  Coordination of national programs for mother and child health;